6th Edition Encounters Beyond History
Pedro Tropa, Antena, Sim Zut, 2016
Pedro Tropa, Antena, Sim Zut, 2016
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Encounters Beyond History
The Birth of Art (d’après Georges Bataille)
Friday, 12 January | 15h00 -19h00

a curatorship-choreography that crosses thought, word and performance in a continuous and synchronous movement

eglantina monteiro mariana caló & francisco queimadela pedro tropa francisco janes mumtazz & antónio poppe carlos poças falcão sei miguel em trio laetitia morais antónio martinho baptista rui toscano joão pedro vaz

The sixth edition of “Encounters Beyond History” has convened a set of authors from a variety of knowledge backgrounds and modes of artistic expression who will examine the figure of Georges Bataille, and in particular his book, The Birth of Art, reflecting on art that is timeless, placeless, and beyond history.

Free registration
Capacity: 100 seats
Registration may be made in person at the José de Guimarães International Centre for the Arts or by downloading the online form HERE, that should be sent to encontrosparaalemdahistoria@aoficina.pt
For further information, please contact us at tel. 253 424 715 or by e-mail to encontrosparaalemdahistoria@aoficina.pt
Over 12 years old