CIAJG Conferences
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CIAJG Conferences
January to April

Contemporary art and museography are the subject of reflection once a month at the José de Guimarães International Centre for the Arts, which invites Portuguese and international artists, curators and theorists, for its regular conference programme.
The cycle for January-April will be inaugurated in January by the duo of artists Sara & André. In the same month, there will be a debate with the fine artist Rui Chafes, at a time when the exhibition, Desenho sem fim (Endless Drawing), is on display in the museum (until February 10). In February, coinciding with the inauguration of 2019’s first exhibition cycle, the conference will be given by the anthropologist, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, organised in parallel with an exhibition of his work as a photographer, Variations of the Wild Body. The reflection on American Indian thought extends in April with the anthropologist and curator, Eglantina Monteiro, who will reflect on her field experience in the Amazon rainforest. In March, the guests are Ian Packer and Ana Morim de Lima.


17 January | 18h00

20 January | 18h00
Rui Chafes

23 February | 16h00 [Sociedade Martins Sarmento]
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro

23 February | 18h00
Inauguration of the Exhibition

21 March | 18h00
Ian Packer and Ana Morim de Lima

18 April | 18h00
Eglantina Monteiro