Rui Chafes | Endless Drawing
Desenho sem fim | Rui Chafes
Desenho sem fim | Rui Chafes
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Rui Chafes
Endless drawing
08 December 2018 to 10 February 2019

In Rui Chafes’ oeuvre, drawing occupies a place of secrecy and intervals. He usually starts to draw when taking a short or extended break from his sculpture work, but has produced drawings throughout his career. Endless Drawing provides a retrospective overview of an activity that began consistently in 1987 and continues to the present day.
Exploring different formats and types of paper, and using diverse orthodox and heterodox materials, such as graphite, gouache, tea, studio dust, flower pollen or various remedies, such as mercurochrome or iodine tincture, his drawings consist of almost invisible lines or generous patches that expand across the sheet of paper. The large and extensive set of drawings shown in this exhibition offers a renewed vision of the work of an artist who is essentially known for his sculpture.
Combining writing, method, thought and forgetfulness, Rui Chafes' drawings are sometimes systematic exercises in the creation of structures, or conceptual devices based on a specific form and, at other times, provide visions of organic worlds, vegetal, biological or animal entities, in which the contour has the capacity to transform or disappear, conjuring up shamanic healing forces and propitiatory and divinatory powers.
Naturally linked to events in the artist's life, these drawings are like the results of a seismograph, registering specific beings, places, energies, moments of joy and disappointment, warm and cold days, memory and desire, making the past appear on the paper’s surface or anticipating things to come.

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