Teatro Oficina Archives
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Teatro Oficina Archives
Tuesday 26 March to Monday 1 April


Tuesday 26 March, 21h00
A Oficina 30 Years
Talk with José Bastos and Frederico Queiroz

Wednesday 27 March, 18h30
Teatro Oficina 25 Years
Talk with Carlos Rego, Jacinto Cunha and Sofia Leite

Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 March, 21h30
Teatro Oficina Archives

Public Archive [Premiere]
Manuela Ferreira

An installation-performance based on the memories of a group of different generations of spectators who have accompanied the 25 years of the Teatro Oficina. The archives of the Guimarães-based theatre company are seen from the perspective of the general public. Based on this reservoir of experiences, two actors lend their bodies and voices to these memories.


Assembly Line [Premiere]
Pedro Bastos, Sara Costa, Tânia Dinis

Assembly Line has as it starting point the look of three artists on the archive of Teatro Oficina, in an analysis of what could be an archive, the documentation, of a cultural policy of a theater company, with socioeconomic relationship of a region. For this narrative we intend to establish a chronological line from the real archive, in which the artists today look at a past, for a certain context, of a certain epoch, or for a certain event, stand before the possibility of investigating and diving not only in the Teatro Oficina archive as well as in other private archives, which can contribute to the enrichment of this documentary work, establishing associations and correspondences.

One ticket only (2 plays) 5,00 eur

Vanishing Point
Nuno Preto
Sunday 31 March and Monday 01 April, 17h00 (Sun) 10h30 and 15h00 (Mon)