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Teatro Oficina Archives
27 to 30 March, 21h30


Linha de Montagem [Premiere]
Pedro Bastos, Sara Costa, Tânia Dinis

Sara Costa and Tânia Dinis were actresses in performances at the Teatro Oficina. In this project, assisted by the playwright, Pedro Bastos, they will explore the archives of the Guimarães-based theatre company, to revisit certain moments of these creations - although some are imagined.

Arquivo Público [Premiere]
Manuela Ferreira

An installation-performance based on the memories of a group of different generations of spectators who have accompanied the 25 years of the Teatro Oficina. The archives of the Guimarães-based theatre company are seen from the perspective of the general public. Based on this reservoir of experiences, two actors lend their bodies and voices to these memories.

One ticket only (2 plays) 5,00 eur

Teatro Oficina 25 Anos
27 março, 18h30

Entrada livre

Vanishing Point
Nuno Preto
Sunday 31 March and Monday 01 April, 17h00 (Sun) 10h30 and 15h00 (Mon)