The construction of the house of Dr. Farnsworth
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The construction of the house of Dr. Farnsworth
Joana Couceiro, Architect
Mariana Rio, Illustrator
Thursday 23 Maio, 18h00

“Houses with a Name” is a collection of books about exemplary houses - paradigmatic architectural projects from the twentieth century, that are revisited through a literary and image-based dimension open to everyone. Each book is inhabited by a special house that takes on a life of its own. Notwithstanding the fanciful construction, the story recounts the true-life facts of a real house, such as the house of Dr. Farnsworth, in the most recent volume in this series published by Cirque de Ideias. The publishing house’s latest book and overall production will be the subject for the conversation with the architect Joana Couceiro and illustrator Mariana Rio.