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Saturday 14 July
The Market of Incredible Things

The museum has opened its doors to the Market, and both inside and outside, there are incredible objects to behold. Objects with histories and memories, made of secrets and feelings, with different sizes and designs, some made of light and others of darkness. Shows, installations, visits, and workshops – all being premiered for the first time, on an occasion and at a venue that invites awe. A Market and a Museum with a programme that has something for everyone!

The opening of The Market of Incredible Things will take place at 15h30 with the installation “Estranhofone” (“Strange-o-Phone”), performed by the participants of the holiday workshop, held at CIAJG from July 9th to the 13th.

All publics
Free entrance


Visits and Workshops

This special programme of guided visits and creative workshops will transport the inside of the CIAJG to the core of the PAC and vice-versa, in an event where all are invited to discover, question, and construct objects.
From 15h30

Marginal sounds, of little interest, untrained and unstudied at the Music Academy. Just noises, out-of-tune, they can be heard numerous times a day, you would hardly notice. The pulse of some task, the hum of a machine, the sigh of routine, the chatter of nature, the attachment that is unread, empty verses. Discarded objects, out-dated, of no use. No longer charming, colour faded, wrinkled, unable to make sounds, it’s no fun anymore. Strange! In the shadow, in the seduction between a marginal sound and a toss-away object there is a melody which pulses when you lift up the strange-o-phone.

16h00 to 18h00 and 19h00 to 21h00
Keeping Secret

“Guardar Segredo” (“Keeping Secret”) is a set of theatrical shows. Shows that happen inside a wardrobe. A wardrobe set up in the Public Space. In the Public Space there are many people. Many people cannot fit inside this wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe only 1 person can fit. 1 person. 1 person is just the right size to see one of the shows in “Keeping Secret”. The other shows in “Keeping Secret” will be seen by other people. Other people, no, 1 other person. And then 1 more person. And then another and then another. What happens inside is something that no other person can know. That’s why it’s best to call “Keeping Secret” a set of theatrical shows. It’s no secret that each show is 5 minutes long. 1 spectator, 1 actor, 5 minutes.

18h00 to 19h00 (Micro-shows)
21h00 to 22h00 (Final show)
The People’s Traveling Object-Library

What do a Swiss Army knife, a reproduction of ‘Guernica’, a 1980s pop song, or Moby Dick have to tell us, little white car? Our Objetoteca Popular Itinerante (The People’s Traveling Object-Library) is wandering around to speak about this and much more! These and other objects will circulate through different spaces in the city – fairs and other popular gathering places – until parking for a short time at the Platform of the Arts and Creativity. The People’s Traveling ObjectLibrary is itself a hybrid object: a loving mix of traveling library and a type of van making a public appearance as a people’s encyclopaedia of every-day objects. This show is the first piece in a cycle entitled A Revolta dos Objetos (The Revolt of the Objects) which the Teatro de Ferro is developing for 2018-2019.