Theory of Exceptions | Rehearsal of a Nocturnal History
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Theory of Exceptions
Rehearsal of a Nocturnal History
Permanent Collection and Other Works
All year

Circular logic, the eternal return, repetition and difference: the new montage from the permanent collection on display in 2018 returns to the map drawn out in at the inaugural exhibition at the José de Guimarães International Arts Centre-CIAJG, “Beyond History”.
The notion is to follow a timeless project but fully aware of the time frame in question, affirmatively contemporary without being exclusively made up of contemporary art objects. Its nature is porous, impure, open and circular, seeking out possible nexus, relationships, and points of permanence; in other words, it probes the imperceptible that historical time – so marked by a selective and fatally vulgar memory – manages to purge in the end.

Works by José de Guimarães, Franklin Vilas Boas, Rosa Ramalho, Pedro A.H. Paixão, Jaroslaw Fliciński